The most important concept with indoor horticulture is not only watch your plants but to tune into them!.

Great care must be shown when properly acclimatising young or new plants to LED grow lights as most plants are sensitive to change.

Remember that with young plants less light is more. A good general indication of plant happiness is that leaves are pointing skywards toward the light. If while acclimatising, the leaves show any signs of curling or overall stress, raise the light until the problem is solved.




1. Seedlings and Clones        – 500cm-1m VEG switch only

2. Early Vegetative Growth  – 500cm VEG switch only

3. Late Vegetative Growth   – 500cm VEG and BLOOM switch together               

4. Flowering                            – 500cm VEG and BLOOM switch together  


The VEG switch will emit an overall spectral output that is best suited to vegetative growth during the early stages of plant life all the way up until flowering.

The BLOOM switch is a booster that should always be used in conjunction with the VEG switch in order to shift the spectral output to the bloom stage. Remember, for best results, always use the BLOOM switch with the VEG switch.


Infra-Red and UV diodes utilise some Ultra Violet (UV) and Infra-Red (IR) LEDs. The wavelength of light that these LEDs emit is not visible to the human eye, so they may appear dim or unlit.

This is normal and be assured that they are shining very bright to the plants!.




You may find that your individual strain of plant responds better to either less or more hanging height. There is no absolute rule and you’ll need to find what works best for your exact strain and environment. The main concept is to ensure a happy, healthy plant while giving the highest intensity possible and yet covering the grow area efficiently.

The closer you hang your light, the higher the intensity but the smaller your coverage area. The further you hang your light, the larger the coverage area but less intensity. You

will need to find the balance that works best for your situation.


Protective eyewear is highly recommended when working with our LED grow lights. Please never look directly into the light!.

We sell Method Seven Protective LED Glasses which are made by Carl Zeiss specifically for grow rooms.

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