NANO ONE 1800w COB- 90 degree

NANO ONE 1800w COB- 90 degree
Nano One Series 1800w COB LED Grow Light
*Daisy Chain in series to reduce power point issues
*Actual Draw 1350w (due to diverse spectrum range)
*2mx 2m Ground Coverage @ 500mm
*Quiet cooling fan (50 db)
*Ducted case
*Copper Core heat dump
*Direct fix chip for greater heat dissipation
* Ratchet hanger capable with multi point hang
* S-Doc Safety Certified Lights
*We stand by the quality and reliability of our Nano One's and they are backed by our standard no fuss 3 Year Warranty.
NZ$ 1,250.00 including GST
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Our NANO ONE SERIES are S-DOC Certified Lights which means they have been tested and modified to meet with New Zealand and Australia's strict safety standards.

We have invested thousands of dollars to have our lights S-DOC Certified and we believe that our LED's are the only S-DOC Certified LED Grow Lights in New Zealand. Now you can grow knowing you have purchased a quality product built to NZ's exacting safety standards.
Exclusive High PAR Integrated Chip Sets Non-Lensed implementing the very latest COB integrated LED technology and never before seen spectrum technology. Specifically designed for New Zealand's diverse growing conditions the NANO ONE SERIES weighs in at a massive 200w per chip set capacity and stunning PAR output.

Our proprietary design is one of the most powerful and effective in the world to date for intensifying directional light onto the plant, both maximizing growth and making use of all available light with almost no loss with extra footprint area making them ideal for the commercial sector. This light is a reliable, well built quality light and is backed by our NO FUSS, 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Ideal User - These lights are suited to growers looking to overcome density issues and light penetration for thick foliage and vine type plants with a cross section of intense growing demands and output requirements especially in the specialist commercial sector, as well as being an amazing light for the serious hobbyists.

Our integrated chip LED is one of the most powerful and effective in the world to date for intensifying light directly to the plant both maximizing growth and making use of all available light with almost no loss. 

Ideal User - These lights are suited to growers looking to overcome density issued plants that require good light penetration for maximum growth. They meet the requirements for use in the specialist and commercial sectors and are also an amazing light for the home hobbyist.

The 1800W NANO ONE SERIES is a convenient size for many growers and yet powerful enough to seriously improve the productivity, vitality and health of your plants, power output and realistic pricing make it the preferred choice among the NANO SERIES. Initially designed for commercial strength growing it can also be used effectively for home indoor/outdoor plants and gardens.

*Due to the intense focus of the 90 degree integrated LED chipset technology, light penetrates deep into the plant canopy greatly increasing productivity, thickening stalks and broadening leaves of each plant effectively, speeding up the plants capacity to mature and produce greater yields than under standard model LEDs or other conventional lights. We've chosen the Spectrums of light (PAR) mostly utilised by plants, Red 660nm – 630nm, 600 & Blue 460nm, 440nm, White 3000k 730nm near IR and 380 near UV respectively.

You'll get your best results with our proprietary design and ever evolving technology.



9 x 200watt super integrated COB LED chip technology

64pcs x 3W x 9


Seedlings-Flowering and Fruiting


Will not burn or damage delicate plants even if touching

Power Supply


Input Voltage(V)


Lamp Power(W)

1800W(Equal in PAR to4x 600W HID/MH light)  

Colour Temperature(CCT)

Full spectrum 


 2㎡@500cm, 3㎡@1m


85cm x 85cm x 10cm 




S-Doc Safety Certified NZ & Australia Standard

Working Lifetime

50,000 Hours 


3 Years 

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