Electric Sky 300 V2 Wideband LED Grow Light

Electric Sky 300 V2 Wideband LED Grow Light
True 300W Power Consumption – Twice the Light Output as HPS with low Energy Cost
Full Light Intensity Adjustment for All Stages of Plant Growth
Control Multiple Lights at Once with Included Daisy-Chain Dimming Kit
A Single, Plant-Tuned “Wideband” Spectrum for Rapid Vegetative Growth and Heavy Flower Yield
Comfortable Plant Viewing, See Plants in True Colour without Light Shining Into Your Eyes
Silent Operation & Passively Cooled with No Moving Parts
Unique Rectangular Light Projection Perfectly Fits Grow Tents or Expands to Any Area
Linear Lenses Prevent Light Loss and Increase Canopy Penetration & Growth Power
Premium, Heavy Duty & Solid Construction with LEDs Protected By Easy-Clean Lenses
Grower-Proven Results for Peppers, Tomatoes, Leafy Greens, and Exotic Flowering Plants
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Safety Listings for Quality, Safety & Energy Rebates – ETL, CE, RoHS, RCM
NZ$ 1,499.00 including GST
New Stock has Arrived!

The Electric Sky 300 V2 (ES300) is a compact wideband 300 watt LED grow light with a high yield spectrum, intense output, amazing light spread and guaranteed results. The patent-pending GS1 Wideband Spectrum technology not only replicates the exact power of the Sun’s wavelengths that plants thrive in, the ES300 gives your plants even more of what they’re looking for, delivering fast growth and explosive yields from seed to flower. Linear optics focus light for intense grow power and canopy penetration, even at a far distance. The distributed design evenly illuminates a rectangular grow area and allows for close canopy deployment without burning your plants for maximum headroom. High-performance gardens are now possible in the tightest closets and grow spaces, allowing you to achieve high maximum yields up to one to two weeks faster while using less electricity, nutrients and water costs than any other LED light system you’ve used before.

    MODULAR SYSTEMeach ES300 panel creates a SKY to fit up to a 760 X 1.5m space where more than one linked together EXPANDS to satisfy your growing needs by FULLY illuminating any larger growing area you design EVENLY with a rectangular light footprint.

    SAFE, WORRY FREE, AND EASY TO USE: No hot bulbs to deal with just plug in and grow!  The ES300 is designed to produce an intense but inviting light environment for your plants.  Instead of light splashing into your eyes like other grow systems, the Electric Sky directs light downwards and towards your plants, which makes your garden a joy to maintain and display to your family & friends.

    GIVE YOUR PLANTS THE CORRECT LIGHT INFORMATION: When plants don’t have enough infrared light, they’re “flying blind”. Other “white” or “purple” LED’s fail to provide plants with enough usable near-infrared light. The ES300 gives concentrated red & IR flower power that accelerates vegetative growth speed and encourages heavy flower weight.

    MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HEADROOM: Near-field lighting gets our ES300 only 30-45cm from your plant canopy without burning.  This means you can grow GIANTS even in spaces with limited headroom.  No more worrying how far grow lights should be from plants…

    GET YIELDS EDGE-TO-EDGE & NO HOTSPOTS: Distributed LEDs and special linear lenses shine light all the way into the far corners of your garden, keeping your entire garden brighter.

    ACHIEVE TOP-TO-BOTTOM FULL PLANT DEVELOPMENT: Electric Sky activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating spectrum colours so you can harvest more usable product from the top to bottom of your plant.

PASSIVE COOLING: No moving parts to make noise or break down the road. Uses only 300 watts of energy for 500 watts of HID growing power with half the heat!

    BUILT TO LAST: Other LED units are flimsy and fragile or have exposed LEDs, unprotected from the residue in your plant environment or from an accidental “bump”.  The Electric Sky is constructed out of a solid piece of aluminium and its easy-to-clean lenses protect the LEDs, so you never have to worry about accidental damage to your investment…

Input Power / Voltage

300W / 100-277V


2.5A @ 120V / 1.25 @ 240V

Heat BTU Generated

1,023 BTU 

Spectrum: GS1 Wideband Spectrum

Creates larger leaves and stems for exponentially faster growth in veg & massive yields in flower

Photon Efficacy

(300nm-780nm): 2.34 μmol/J

LED Diode Count


Coverage Area Vegetative

Up to 910mm x 1.8m

Coverage Area Flowering

Up to 760mm x 1.5m

Hang Height Vegetative

600 to 1200mm

Hang Height Flowering

460 to 510mm

Expected Fixture Lifetime

50,000+ Hours [11 yrs flower / 7.5 yrs veg]

Manufacturer’s Warranty

3 years




910L x 300W x 60Hmm


Bonuses and Accessories when Purchasing with The Green Sunshine Company:

An “As you Grow” Email LED Grow Course with tips and tricks to maximize yield using the Electric Sky Wideband LED Grow Light

Instruction Manual

1x Large and 1x Small Green Sunshine Co. Stickers

1x Large and 1x Small Electric Sky Grow Light Stickers

Easy Hanging Kit:

3x Wire Gripper Cables

2x Metal Ratchet Rope Hangers

Dimming Kit For Precise Intensity Control

1x Manual Dimming Knob

1x Splitter Cable (for controlling multiple lights at once)

1x Extension Cable (for controlling intensity at a distance)

Power Adapters 1x 240V US Plug Adapter

5 Trees Planted in US National Forests 

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

  1. Reviews for Electric Sky 300 V2 » Wideband LED Grow Light

    Frank (verified owner)

    The ES300 is hands down the best light system I have used or even been around in 20+ years of indoor growing. The light spectrum simply turns plants ‘on’ and makes them grow lush and green as if they were outside. The light penetrates more completely and deeper than any HID I have used and the relatively low heat for the power is amazing. With 24 units in a 500 sqft grow room a simple 1 ton AC unit and an air exchanger is able to keep the room in the high 70s…the heat reduction from these lights alone makes them worth the money in the long term. The dimmer switches really help with young plants, this is a nice feature many lights don’t offer. Dan has thought of everything!

  2. James (verified owner)

    my plants are growing faster than ever. this light should be called the Usain Bolt ES300. i have jokes.

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    Hands down the best light set up I have purchased, the fact you can finance it is another huge plus. Won’t be buying lights elsewhere, ES has simplified my lighting needs, and surpassed expectations. The devil is in the details and its not just the light that’s great, the informational booklet that comes with it is fucking killer, easy to digest and have such valuable information, the website as well, its easy to navigate and get what you need. Don’t even get me started on the nutrients they offer too. All in all 10/10 would buy again.

  4. Taylor (verified owner)

    I have had the electric sky for a couple months the are very bright and don’t get very hot at all had them on for 24 hours before for long periods and never hot. Excellent lights!

  5. Michael Beattie (verified owner)

    I went back and forth in my mind for weeks before purchasing the ES300. I had been using a 400 watt HPS lamp with average results, but was nervous to take the plunge and spend the big bucks without really knowing if the results from the ES300 would justify the price. Let me just tell you that this light will completely change your grow life. My plants are literally twice as big as anything I’ve grown in the past and the color is rich and beautiful. Dan has really created something special here, and I promise you that the quality of this light far exceeds even the $700 price tag.

  6. Matt N

    These lights are amazing, I’m just a simple med grower, Have always used 600w to 1000w for flowering. Been growing for around 20 years. Was always hesitant to take that leap to LED’s, after some research, I decided to take the dive on the Electric sky. Love the penetration of the light, perfect size, the adjustable knob, the fact that you can tilt them, there’s not much not to love. And the yield seems to be better, no light mover needed, heat is much less. Never looking back to HPS’s. Thank you!

  7. Jose Rossy (verified owner)

    I purchased this light about a month ago and the es300 has performed beyond my expectations! Got through the vegetative stage within three weeks. Now my plants are going into flowering stage and I’m excited to see the results amazing light super excited about my purchase.

  8. Hanson G.

    The ES300 is a fantastic product. It works better than HPS.

  9. Jason Morio (verified owner)

    Awesome lights I recommend them to everyone I talk to. I now have 3 in my 6×6 tent and have amazing harvest I plan on getting 2 more soon

  10. Cole (verified owner)

    bought one, bought another, planning on buying more. All I need to say about the quality of this product is that there is a reason you cannot find any in Canada that are pre-owned.

  11. Danny

    So far so good. We received the es300’s about 2 months ago and put them directly in the flower room. We haven’t had a harvest as of yet but these are by far the biggest healthiest plants we’ve grown. I really appreciate the personal feel with the customer service and will buy more of these lights for our expanding company.

  12. Brandon (verified owner)

    The es300 is such an incredible light. Low heat and my plants are loving it. I’ll be buying another soon. If you are considering this light you should really just pull the trigger, you wont regret it.

  13. Amory Martinez (verified owner)

    Purchased the es300! I regret not buying a second one! The es300 is amazing my plants are loving it.

  14. Kerri G.

    I love the results and the low heat. These lights surprised me in every good way.

  15. Ashley Blackman (verified owner)

    I did lots of research before making the purchase, and it’s was the best decision yet. My plants are loving every bit of this light. The penetration to the lower canopy is amazing and the plants are stacking wonderfully! Definitely 10/10

  16. garrett miller (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this light, the es300 has made for a quick healthy grow! I am about to finish four plants right now and I am expecting
    a large yield on small plants! The cola’s have swollen to a size that makes me very happy! I would recommend this light to anyone!

    The main reason I bought this light was the 1000w hps was just to hot for my room(90+), I have not gone over 82 with the es300 running and
    I don’t feel I lost anything on the light side, just the heat! I am able to keep a consistent temp all the time now! Saving for another one now!

  17. Harvey H

    The ES 300s are absolutely amazing..I will definitely be ordering a couple more ES300s . I have never seen plant growth like this under any light. A major game changer. The only thing I hear when anyone looks at my plants is WOW!

  18. David Solberg (verified owner)

    First and foremost I want to say, I really enjoy the personal connection Green Sunshine makes with the emails they send out upon purchase. I understand they are automatically sent when u buy your light, but it still feels nice to get a “thank you for your purchase email”. It adds a sense of community. Like they really appreciate their customers. On to the lights… Wow. They are Amazing. I read many reviews where people talked about the explosive growth, but to watch it is a whole different thing. It is incredible. The China made leds will do the job, but the ES 300s take your grow to the next level. If you want the best bang for your buck, you’ve found it!!

  19. Ray Hughes (verified owner)

    Just hooked up my 2nd ES300 in my 4×4 and my plants are loving it! The only drawback is all the defoilating I have to do, the growth is amazing. Lower branches that would normally be pruned don’t have to be and I have tops everywhere. Pistol production is amazing. Working on setting up a 2nd smaller tent with an ES180.

  20. Gary (verified owner)

    I’m 6 weeks into grow with 3 autos under my new ES300 and the girls are growing and flowering like crazy! I have been growing indoors with the cheap leds for 4 years now and there is no comparison, the ES300 is blowing them away! I can’t wait until the finish time has come and I get to try the fruits of my labor.

  21. MANUEL (verified owner)

    This light lives up to the hype, absolutely no buyers remorse here; well worth the price! Thank You, Dan.

  22. Daniel Knight (verified owner)

    Wow ! So amazed at the performance of these es 300’s . Definitely worth the money and the hype . I’ve been running 2 es 300’s 18 on and 6 off for about 3 months now and it cost me roughly around $30 a month and my plants are on beast mode . Shot out to Dan ! For all the tutorials on these lights and some !

  23. Ryan Pereira (verified owner)

    So Satisfied!!!! I recently just started my home grow with One Es 180 and Two ES 300’s and could not be any more excited to work in the garden!! My plants will begin their early life under the 180 and finish under the power of the 300! Thanks Dan for all your tips and advice!!

  24. Jim

    Great customer service! Its hard for me to buy nice things for myself. When I read and saw the videos on these lights, I couldn’t resist. Pulled the trigger and my Girlz in flower are loving the energy and technology of these lights. Temps are down…Huge Budz…No regrets. You’ll be happy, if you buy these lights, guaranteed!

  25. Randy Asher (verified owner)

    The ElectricSky 300 has beaten all of my expectations. Im really enjoying the substantial growth as well, ive switched from HPS lights to LED specifically because the ES300!

  26. CHICKEN (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research before going with the Electric Sky. The price kept me from pulling the trigger at first, but then you take in consideration that the parts are replaceable,3 year warranty, 50,000 hours life span,good customer feedback,

    You just don’t get all that with a Chinese made light!!! Not to mention the spectrum, which is the best on the market.
    I received my light while my current grow was half-way thru flower. After 2 weeks of it being over them I noticed the buds getting tighter, and bigger than the same strain under my old 600w mh/hps

    I’m currently 3 weeks in on a Autos grow. And the plants are literally growing bigger by the day. I believe these lights do quicken your grows. My 3week plants look like they been growing for 6 weeks. And the heat they omit is nothing compared to a h.i.d. Light. I’m very pleased with my purchase,and plan on getting another ES300

    From a grower named : “CHICKEN “

  27. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Pretty happy with this investment. My plants are growing so tall they’re growing into the lights, but because the LEDs are so nicely diffused the tips aren’t getting burnt. They don’t produce much heat, and that makes life so easy. My tent is dialed in no problem because of these lights. First class!

  28. tram (verified owner)

    Amazing lights. runs quiet and stays cool while delivering amazing light penetration. i recommend this light to anyone with an indoor garden.

  29. Philip Gray (verified owner)

    My es300 Is rockin the garden ,The babies just love standing there sunning them selfs. there little arms waving in the air .Thank you dan 🙂 also thank you for all the useful info in the emails you and your company are defentily rockin it 🙂 .Most Defentily happy i chose This company for my purchase. i havent regreted it one sec either have my babies.

  30. Johnny V Ho-Chau

    I got two es300 in 5×5 tent, growing thick and tall plants. Need to get one more to fill the tent to be perfect light xoverage

  31. Cliff Autrey – Cindy Burke (verified owner)

    These ES300 lights are amazing. They made this first time grower very happy. The 1200w purple light doesn’t hold a candle to the wide spectrum these ES300’s give out. Dan offers excellent customer service and support. I am a happy customer. Thanks

  32. Calvin Thompson

    Upgraded to an ES 300 from a viparspectra, and wow! The closeness of node growth and how much bushier the plants grow is incredible to watch! The growth is so fast and the leaves grow so large that they almost smother each other. The light itself is very well made, and I am excited about the possibility of upgrading the diodes in the future. The included dimmer is great for starting seeds, and the included wire hangers are so easy to hang with, and allows for easily changing the height. I will definitely be getting a second if I decide to get a larger tent!

    On another note, Dan himself shows unprecedented care towards his business and customer service. He emailed back and forth with me when I had questions. Always nice to see the excitement of a company owner, and love for a great product that they sell. It would be great to see this continue, and I hope that The Green Sunshine company strives to better their products and go for the best quality possible in the future!

  33. Jonas (verified owner)

    Ordered my 1st es300 about 1.5 months ago and just got my 2nd. They are build very solid and def a great long term investment. My plants are loving it and have shown substantial growth since switching from the cheapo 100$ leds off Amazon.
    Best part about the es300 is the customer service. Whenever I got a question i receive a response from Dan within 24hrs.
    5 stars!

  34. Bob L. (verified owner)

    Six weeks in to flowering with the ES300.
    The bud formation was fast and they became so frosty early even on the smaller leaves, there will be a lot useable trim for sure.
    My temp and humidity are so easy to control now with 1/2 the power I was using before.
    No more HPS or MH lamps.

  35. Joshkristal (verified owner)

    Great Light, Low Power Draw with excellent efficiency. The main difference between this light and other high end lights is the spectrum combo they use. Don’t hesitate, you won’t regret your purchase.

  36. Bryon Hayes (verified owner)

    Great great great!!!! I waited till after harvest to write this so i could give a great review. I started out with the es180 and with inn a month i ordered the 300 watt model and ill soon order another thats how much i love these light. I achieved over a gram per watt with just a total of 480 watts i got right under 600 grams of top shelf…. Dont tgink twice buy two lol and get your grow party started. Thanks dan for the great work you and your company has done looking forward to what new toys may come to our future!!!!

  37. CHARLES PEREA (verified owner)

    Well I’m finally writing my review. This light is amazing.

  38. Billy (verified owner)

    I purchased the ES300 a few months ago. I wanted to replace an Optic 4 and Optic 2 LED. Not only did it replace, but surpassed all my expectations. My yields have more then doubled. My plants grow bigger, healthier. All the hype you hear about the ES’s, it’s true. Pull the trigger today. There is nothing better. These lights are also future proof.

  39. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Electric Sky ES300 Wow what a gorgeous light in person, it’s so well made, not of flimsy material, boxed doubles, packaged well & arrived pretty fast. Been saving up for LED for quite some time as I am a disabled nurse from many years doing work I loved, but 3 back surgeries got me later on. This allows me to grow my own veggies & medicine. Thanks Dan for the great customer service that’s why I choose you guys, you actually get someone on the phone. Will do follow up videos and review. Really thisLED will make my life easier & save money. Try it you can’t go wrong with their warranty & money back guarantee.

  40. Paul W.

    I have bought both of my ES300 directly from the Green sunshine Company. I bought my original light my ES 180 from Amazon I had originally hoped to purchase a 300 ES from them but at the time they were out of stock. So I ordered my 180 and I was astounded by the difference in lights from the Viper Spectra I was using to the 180. The difference was night and day. When I brought my first ES300 home and plugged it in I was amazed the difference from the 180 to the ES300. I knew instantly my only course was to buy another ES300 to properly light my 4 by 4 grow. My investment in your lights and in your company has been one of the best things I have done to produce flowers that are beyond my wildest imagination. If I could convince anybody to buy these lights. Buy these lights they are amazing. I already have two friends that are going to buy lights from you as soon as they can. I am an electric sky. Green sunshine Company convert and I will always recommend your product to everybody and anybody.

  41. Mary (verified owner)

    Great lights run cool best lights great business!

  42. Josh (verified owner)

    Been useing the es300 for about 3 weeks now and so far it’s looking on point, can’t wait to see the end results these things produce, had the mars reflector series prior and had issues, mostly cause I couldn’t see true colours there for not being able to pick up deficiencies had.. but with the es300 everything is true colour which is so much more practical and better for myself they have been so lush it’s amazing, with the results Iv had so far of three weeks I couldn’t help myself so I purchased another and waiting for it to be delivered..
    And customer service by dan is so prompt it’s almost unheard of these days, keep up the great work guys hope to get more in the future

  43. Tony A Parra

    As a new comer to the grow community I love the simple installation and use of the equipment highly recommended, efficient and effective also really enjoy being able to see my grow clearly under the light without the use of glasses. I have 2 and a 3rd on the way

  44. Sam (verified owner)

    I’ve been indoor growing for about a year. I started with a “300 watt” viparspectra. Actual draw about 130. As you can imagine, growth was not awesome.
    Been using the ES300 for about 1 month now on a couple clones and a few seedlings and the growth is obviously far better. Going to veg another month before flowering, and maybe I can update with results in a few months. Thanks Dan and The Green Sunshine Company.

  45. Andrea parra (verified owner)

    A great investment quality materials couldn’t be happier with my light and the customer service. They don’t give off too much heat and you can adjust the brightness. Easy to install and very sturdy.

  46. Jeremy W (verified owner)

    Just received my second Electric Sky 300. The plants love the light spectrum they give off and don’t give off much heat. Well done Electric Sky

  47. Patrick Powell (verified owner)

    Beginner grower here, always do your research and ask questions! I did and found this unit. Also remember, you get what you pay for! This unit comes in at 14 pounds and is clean and silent. All you gotta do is set your height and intensity and bam, your plants are loving it. I saw explosive growth with my peppers when I started with this light. You won’t be disappointed with this unit.

  48. Brittany (verified owner)

    So I Bought 2 of the es300 lights for my 4×8 tent, now I also have some bs mars lights that fall short in comparison. These es300’s are Absolutely amazing! I have seen Exponential results in growth and fruiting since I started using them. Dan, keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to seeing what you can to come up with in the future. Hands down This is definitely one to put your money with.

  49. Keith (verified owner)

    Holy cow… I got my ES300 and I knew it was the one I’d been looking for. Great solid build. Performance, to be honest, fastest growth I’ve ever seen indoors. I have over 10+ years under my belt. Not to mention, customer service is absolutely amazing. Such a rarity with most companies nowadays. Always with fast, and good info. Very much a great company all around. Everyone there should hold their heads high knowing, they work for an amazing company with solid products. They have made me a customer for life. Hands down best lights on the market!

  50. D. Schuster (verified owner)

    I bought the ES 300s and I’m loving them. The resin production is a lot more than my last lights and a lot cooler. I want to get another pair in the near future. Dan is a very hands on kind of guy. He Is quick to respond and the delivery of your lights is very fast.

  51. Ethan Ketner (verified owner)

    Ive been dreaming of growing with the ES300 for a long time now and finally set aside the money to purchase one.

    The light arrived just in to time switch my LED garden over to flower, I had 2 other brands in my tent (a 900w and a 600w). This fixture far outperformed the others.

    I have the ES300 running solo now with a few plants underneath of it and will be purchasing another as soon as I am able to.

    I will update this review after a few weeks in veg to let you know how its going!

  52. Jeffrey h

    I bought an es300 a couple months ago and I am defiantly going to buy two more. My plants love the light spectrum. Even on the lowest power the plants respond. The customer service is amazing as well. Returned my calls very quickly and answer all my questions completely. I highly recommend this light for any type of indoor grow.

  53. Christopher West (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure about led’s,but I’m glad I chose the ES 300, cause it’s Effing awesome….

  54. Stephen C

    Nothing less than AMAZING! I’m using two of the ES300’s in my 4×4 tent. I’m 100% satisfied with these lights, not only with the end result which doubled my yield, but the quality of these lights. The housing alone for the lights are amazingly built, there were no corners cut when designing them. When sent to you, they even set you up for different options of hanging these lights. They were also packaged very well for shipping to prevent any damage from the currier. I do plan to be a returning customer, maybe I’ll pick up the 180 for my 2×4 that I clone in. I would recommend these lights to anyone and everyone!

  55. Darren Kidd (verified owner)

    One of the best investments I’ve ever made. I bought two ES300’s for my 3ft x 3ft grow tent. I had them shipped to the UK and was a little concerned about customs charges & VAT, but was pleasantly surprised when they arrived these charges were not as expensive as I thought (around £240).

    I started using one of the ES300’s straight away on a plant that had already started flowering under a budget Mars Hydro light and the results were amazing. I’m so glad I opted for this grow light rather than a more expensive fixture.

    Top marks to Dan for the great customer service.

  56. Kara Huskey (verified owner)

    I have 1 es180 and two es300 and I do not regret investing In these lights at all! My plants love them and I love watching them grow so happy and healthy! These are some badass lights all around! I will be investing in two more es300 in the near future as well!

  57. Dan

    When I started growing I was using a blurple led in a 2×2, later added a small 150hps when I got a 4×4 tent. Didn’t take too long for me to itch for an upgrade. After a lot of shopping around and reading reviews I was still on the fence. I was convinced to contact Dan, and man, I am happy I did. I haven’t finished a full cycle under it yet but this ES300 is growing my biggest plant to date. Thank you Dan for your excellent work and service!

  58. Aaron B (verified owner)

    I have been very hesitant in purchasing an LED grow light. After studying up on the many different LED grow lights I came across the Electric Sky ES300. Since it had a 90 day back guarantee how could you go wrong. All I can say is wow, glad I did. The Flowers are growing faster and the buds are dense and fat. Also customer service is a big part of my large purchases and hands down it is at the top. Dan, thank you for steering me towards the ES300. Great light, good price and excellent results so far.

  59. Kevin (verified owner)

    Added an es300 to my 2 Viparspectra 450w. All i can say is wow! the 1 es300 makes it look like the vipars aren’t even there. Ordering a second ES300 to replace them to cover my 4×4 area.
    And the customer service… All i can say is… INCREDIBLE! Emails/questions answered in record time and Dan takes the time to properly educate you to achieve the best possible results!
    Thanks Dan!
    Best decision i ever made.

  60. Paul (verified owner)

    I’ve been through other led lights and never was satisfied with my bud density or size. This light has changed that and my plants will never be under any other light again.

  61. Zerosignalz (verified owner)

    Replaced 3 cheap Chinese led’s with an ES300 , was so impressed with the rapid growth in one week I ordered a second light right away. Now on my second grow with the 2 ES300’s and my 5×5 area is well past double the yield from the cheap led’s I had before and i still have a few weeks to go!
    So happy and plan to buy more.

  62. Rob G (verified owner)

    Very efficient light. Crafted with detail. I’m able to keep the temp low, and also keep the light a foot away and still have my canapoy praying with no stress, in veg. I will post another review upon flowering but I definitely recommend this light for cultivation of any kind.

  63. Hihowareya (verified owner)

    ES300 is by far the best and easiest light I’ve ever used. There’s a noticable difference in every aspect from even area coverage to rapid foliar growth and even environment control compared to other lighting options out there. Not only that, but every question is answered promptly and thoroughly by Dan himself. With a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but try them for yourself.

  64. Caligreen (verified owner)

    One of the biggest yields I’ve ever had! The real deal!

  65. A&F (verified owner)

    The ES 300 works as advertised and I was not expecting anything less given the fact that there is a 90 day 100% unconditional money back guarantee and three year warranty. For myself, customer service is what it is all about and I certainly have not been disappointed in that department ( Thanks Dan). As for the lights it is one of those things you would not believe unless you try them out for yourself, simply amazing!!!!! Plants reach out to these lights more so than many other types of grow lights and the resulting fast growth is phenomenal. The lights may seem a little pricey compared to other less efficient purple lights but what you have to ask yourself is do I want a mediocre or excellent grow given all the time and effort and money you will be putting into your grow? I definitely will be purchasing more lights in the the future.

  66. Rocketman (verified owner)

    I purchased the ES 300 LED after reviewing about 20 lighting systems. I am a newby at my first grow. After hearing so many people complain about the lighting system they purchased, and then watching them scramble to find a better lighting source, I am beyond happy that I spent maybe a few dollars more for a quality light.
    There are so many things that can go wrong when trying to start your first grow. It has been really nice to not have to worry about a good light source for my plants. From what I have seen so far, my plants are far ahead in growth and health, than what others have experienced.
    Will definitely be buying more lights from Dan for my next grow.

  67. Aaron (verified owner)

    Hands down best light I’ve ever used, powerful sleek silent and yet a joy to work under with out blinding me or hurting my eyes. Flower production top shelf and fast strong vegetative growth. I plan to pick up the 180 for a smaller space very soon.

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