HLG 300V2

HLG 300V2
High efficiency White Light Quantum Boards with Samsung LM5301 diodes
Full-spectrum for better leaf and canopy penetration
Reliable passively cooled design
Ideal for Veg and Bloom (3000K), or for Veg only (4000K)
Dimmable power supply included
Auto sensing power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC
3-Year Warranty
Designed and Made in USA
NZ$ 899.00 including GST
Allow 1 to 2 Weeks Delivery
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The HLG 300 V2 is one of the most efficient LED grow lights to cover a 900 x 900mm grow area!. Each lamp uses 2 of our custom designed high efficiency White Light Quantum Boards with a total of 576 Top Bin Samsung LM5301 LED arrays and are mounted on clear anodized aluminum and are dimmable.

Recommended for:

Grow tents

Grow rooms

Small indoor grows

Supplemental lighting

Vegetative growth and/or flowering

Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower

Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

Wattage draw

90-270 watts (dimmable on driver)

HID equivalent

600 watt HID


576 pcs Samsung LM301B

Light Output


System Efficiency

164 Lm/W

PAR efficacy

2.4 umol/j

Coverage area

Veg: 1.2 x 1.2m

Coverage area

Flower: 900mm x 900mm or 760 x 760mm

Mounting height

Flower 300mm and Veg 600mm

Thermal management

Passive cooling

Operating/input voltage

90-277VAC; 50Hz-60Hz


~2.25 @ 120V; ~1.12A @ 240V

Dimmable Mean Well Driver

Dimmable to 50% intensity


Clear anodized aluminum




45 x 50 x 7cm



Product includes

240V cord and plug

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