NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

NextLight Mega LED Grow Light
Advanced LED Grow Light System
Replaces a 1000W HPS with 40% Less Energy
Bright White Full Spectrum LED's
Higher Yields and Better Quality
Perfect for Propagation or Veg or Bloom
100,000 Hour Life rating
Never Needs Bulbs- Easy to Install
Perfect for small or large scale grows
5 Year Warranty-Made in the USA
NZ$ 2,786.30 including GST
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NextLight are proud to be one of the only grow light manufacturers with an L90 life rating of greater than 40,000 hours. This distinction makes the NextLight Mega one of the most efficient and longest lasting flowering grow lights on the market. 

The NextLight Mega produces a high intensity full spectrum light designed to efficiently replace any DE 1000w HPS on the market. This bright white LED grow light is named “Mega” not for its size but for the increased production and large footprint it will supply to your canopy. Using only 650 watts, this light is perfect for growers looking to cover larger areas using less. The Mega covers a 1.2 x1.2m flower footprint and a 2.1 x 2.1m veg footprint. This unit is part of the NextLight Commercial Series. This distinction means each unit is covered by a 5 year full manufacturer’s warranty, has a 100,000 hour life rating, is UL listed and you will never have to change a bulb again.


The Mega is designed to meet the needs of commercial and home growers alike. We understand excessive power consumption, bulb replacements and heat are the biggest problems indoor growers face. The NextLight Commercial Series alleviates all of those issues. Coming in at 2.15 PPF/Watt, the Mega is the most efficient full spectrum LED, period.


NextLight’s Full Spectrum provides the same sun-like qualities plants love without the negatives of high energy requirements and high heat. Using NextLight’s Full Spectrum you will see faster growth, tighter internodal spacing and increased production overall.



Coverage Vege 2.1 x 2.1M

PPF: 1400

Coverage Flower 1.2 x 1.2M

Wattage: 650w

No Bulb Replacements

PPF/Watt: 2.15

UL Certified Damp/Dry

Operating Volts: 120v - 277v

1 x Instruction Manual

Input Current    5.4A @ 120V, 2.7A @ 240V

1 x 240v Power Cord and 2 x V-Hooks

Operating Frequency     60 Hz

Unit Dimensions: 939.8 x 939.8 x 63.5mm

Operating Temperature 20ºC to 40ºC

Weight 10.5KG

Life Rating: 100,000 hrs

Warranty: 5 Years Full and Made in the USA

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