NANO PRO  900w
The new cutting edge in LED grow light technology!
Featuring super bright LED chips focused through an expertly designed lens for maximum foliage penetration!.
1.2m x 1.5m Ground Coverage @.6m
Comes complete with light, power cord and hanger wires.
We stand by the quality and reliability of our Nano Pro's and they are backed by our standard no fuss 3 Year Warranty.
NZ$ 1,190.00 including GST
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Our new integrated & lensed chip LED is the new most powerful and effective LED in the world to date for intensifying light directly to the plant. 
The new design combines the best parts of the two best LED technologies into one super efficient machine!
With new specially designed 5 Watt chips combined with expertly designed lensing, means the new NANO PRO series lights will penetrate deep into the foliage while still holding a much wider footprint than regular COB (Chip On Board) lights!

The new NANO PRO series come with a built in dimmer for the blue and red spectrums, with this you can have greater control over the growth stages of your plants.

Ideal User - These lights are suited to growers looking to overcome density issued plants that require excellent light penetration for maximum growth and huge yields.

These lights meet the requirements for use in the specialist and commercial sectors. 
Rigorous testing shows it has the best growing yields on the market.
The product is designed according to UL standard and as such has a very high quality.

The 900w NANO PRO SERIES is a light for growers that are looking to push their plants to the absolute limits!  Seriously enhancing productivity, vitality, health and most importantly yields!

Initially designed for commercial strength growing it can also be used effectively for home indoor/outdoor plants and gardens.

*Due to the intense focus of the 90 degree lensed LED chipset technology, light penetrates deeper into the plant canopy greatly increasing productivity, thickening stalks and broadening leaves of each plant effectively, speeding up the plants capacity to mature and produce greater yields than under standard model LEDs or other conventional lights. 

We've chosen the Spectrums of Light (PAR) mostly utilised by plants, Red 660nm – 620nm, 600 & Blue 450nm, 430nm, White 3000k, 6500k, UV, IR, Customised.

You'll get your best results with our proprietary design and ever evolving technology.

  • Suits: Seedlings – Flowering and Fruiting
  • Safe: Will not burn or damage delicate plants even if touching
  • Power Supply: 240v
  • Lux (centre) 25286 at height of 0.6m
  • HPS Equivalent: 1200W
  • PAR efficiency: 1.50 µMol/s
  • Coverage Area: 2m x 1.5m @ 1m above plant canopy (optimal height 0.5m to 0.6m)
  • Lifespan 50,000 hours
  • Dimensions: 660mm x 385mm x 118mm
  • Weight: 11.4kg
Item Value Item Value
Power 900W Input Voltage AC85-265V
Lux 25286 Beam Angle 90°
Umol 1359 uMol/s PAR efficiency 1.50 uMol/s
Lifespan 50,000h Spectrum Red(660nm,620nm,),Blue(450nm, 440nm, 430nm) ,Green( 510nm) ,White( 3000k, 6500k), ,UV,IR,Customised
LED quantity COB:90W*6pcs=540W,led:5W*72=360W Casing Color Black
Coverage Ground 1.2m x 1.5m @.6m High
Dimension 660*385*118mm N.W 11.4KG/1pcs
  • NANO ONE LINEA 800w COB- 90 degree
    NZ$ 705.00 Each
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