100 Watts - 2 Lenses

100 Watts - 2 Lenses
Great reliability and a first class design featuring super bright LED chips focused through a 90 degree lens for maximum foliage penetration! Comes complete with light, power cord and hanger wires.
We stand by the quality and reliability of our Nano's and they are backed by our standard no fuss 3 Year Warranty.
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Featuring greater reliability and a truly modular design starring super bright LED chips focused through a 90 degree lens for maximum penetration, while still maintaining a huge footprint area!

Simple, powerful functionality includes LED isolation switches that allow you to govern the light banks you wish to run, enhanced finned cooling system and the ability to Daisy Chain (string together) multiple units using a single power source, making them ideal for the commercial grower and hobbyist alike.

We’ve upped our warrantee period on these models, from 1 year to a whopping 3 years from the date of purchase for the original owner when purchasing through our online store. We’ve also increased the bandwidth on these models, from 3 - 5 of the most needed PAR spectrums to boost your growing season and increase yields.

These are plug and play lights that have interchangeable parts i.e. they can be easily modified and upgraded as parts are constantly developed. Repairs and servicing is made easy and can even be done at home keeping downtime to a limit.

The 100w comprises affordability and footprint area, making it the light of choice if you are starting to expand your growing. 

Item Value Item Value
Power 126W (100W) Input Voltage AC85-265V
Lumens 2780lm Beam Angle 90°
Lifespan 50,000h Spectrum R,B,W,UV,IR (custom)
LED quantity 42PCSX3W Casing Color Black
Dimension 296mmx161mmx70mm N.W 2.2KG

This unit will give a coverage footprint of 1m squared @ 0.5m above canopy

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