FAQ's with LED Grow Lights New Zealand, LEDs are the future of indoor plant growing. We now bring you our 4th generation lights at a price that rivals traditional HPS indoor grow lights. Now is the time to get onboard and reap the benefits of this technology growing juicy vegetables, herbs and flowers, yield after yield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What LED is equal to a 600w HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp 

A) Approximately 300w LED.

Q) Will a 600w LED use less power than my 600w HPS? 

A) No, 600w is 600w regardless if its LED or HPS but your LED will put out 50-60% more PAR than your HPS and a lot less heat for the power it uses, so in that sense its twice as efficient. 

Q) Do LEDs need a ballast? 

A) No, they run their own drivers (power supplies) internally and these are very efficient and silent. 

Q) Can I laybuy a light? 

A) Yes, you can with a 20% deposit and payments made over a 3 month period.

  • SAVE ENERGY & MONEY - Save 50- 75% in power consumption compared to traditional lighting.
  • LESS HEAT - Less chance of overheating allowing you to place your lights closer to the veges.
  • NO NOISY BALLAST - These lights really are ‘plug n play’. No noisy ballast to get in your way.
  • NO REFLECTOR - It’s built in! Also the lights are focused, so there’s no need for big bulky shades.
  • LONG BULB LIFE - Average life expectancy is 50,000hrs compared to 20,000hrs with HPS.

Why use LED lights for indoor growing?

  • Plants do not utilise white light and some of the other spectrums which are produced by conventional lighting such as High Pressure Sodium or High Intensity Discharge lights etc. In fact plants only use around  30% of the light produced by conventional lighting, wasting up to 70% of their energy on unusued spectrums and excess heat. 

  • Our LED lights have been specifically designed to provide the optimum *PAR for plants in both vegetative and flowering stages to deliver the very best yields.

  • LED lights last far longer  than HPS or HID; They can be used and reused delivering the same quality yields grow after grow without needing to be replaced for  years.

  • LED lights come with built in cooling; They produce far less heat than conventional lights so you can safely use more lights in smaller spaces.

  • LED lights DO NOT require a Ballast, you can plug the light straight into the wall and start growing no hassle.

  • Our LED lights come fitted with daisy chain technology so they can be easily sequenced together; however many lights you have you only need one power point.

  • Quiet running they can be set up in locations where a noisy balllast would have previously been an issue.

  • With built in reflectors and recessed chips the LED lights are far less prone to accidental breakages and much simpler to pack down and transport.

  • The chips unlike bulbs are out of the way so no more accidental burns when checking your plants.

PAR stands for Photosynthetically active radiation and designates the spectral range (wave band) of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that photosynthetic organisms are able to use in the process of photosynthesis. 

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