The latest in LED technology and style, buy your PROFESSIONAL quality Grow Lights today!. Our lights are designed and tested right here in New Zealand by KIWI'S and used by everyone from the hobbyist to the professional and commercial grower. 

For those looking for the 'Rolls Royce' in LED Grow Lights there is the American designed and manufactured Penetrator X series from HydroGrow, these are the most powerful LED Grow Lights in the world and the future of your indoor garden. Designed for the maximum yield gardener who demands the highest performance and reliability, featuring the most powerful X3 lensing technology and holder of 2 World Records for the Highest Yields. The Penetrator X series is the best bang for your buck in the LED industry.
Loaded with the NASA-Proven G4 spectrum and the Highest PAR per watt LEDs in the world, [u]nothing gives you higher yields in less time[/u]. And thanks to there intelligent engineering with modular build design, it's the easiest light on the market to upgrade over the years with newer LEDs and lenses.So when it comes to choosing your grow light it makes total sense to buy the best Grow lights proven by NASA to deliver the Highest Yields in the Shortest Cycle Period, with the Highest (Lab-Proven) Finished Quality. These lights have a 5 Year warranty!.

We now stock another fantastic light from the USA which has an incredible following around the world and produces amazing lights- California LightWorks is a Los Angeles-based leading U.S manufacturer of LED lighting systems serving the indoor horticulture industry. The SolarSystem series is a new cost effective line of smart spectrum grow lights featuring the latest generation high efficiency LEDs as well as the most versatile control system on the market. This system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large commercial operation. SolarSystem delivers an optimised light spectrum based on the type of plant and phase of growth and offers the perfect combination of high power LEDs and state of the art lighting controls. They deliver the highest efficiency, lower energy costs and highest yields on the market and faster returns on your investment. SolarSystem lights are UL listed, made in California and carry a five-year warranty!.

The Nano Pro Series is our latest model available in the Nano line up. The new integrated & lensed chip LED is one of the newest most powerful and effective LED in the world to date for intensifying light directly to the plant.  The new design combines the best parts of the two best LED technologies into one super efficient machine!. With new specially designed 5 Watt chips combined with expertly designed lensing, means the new NANO PRO series lights will penetrate deep into the foliage while still holding a much wider footprint than regular COB (Chip On Board) lights!.The new NANO PRO series come with a built in dimmer for the blue and red spectrums with this you can have greater control over the growth stages of your plants.


LED Grow Lights are EXTREMELY bright, do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is on. We recommend wearing LED Grow Light Glasses to protect your eyes when working with the lights on.

Any issues simply contact us to organise repairs and we will sort you out immediately! 

Need help choosing the best light for you?. Call us and talk to a real person with accurate knowledge so you can shop with confidence.

LED Grow Lights NZ is leading in the Indoor LED Grow Lights and Accessories Market. We’ve been testing, designing and delivering the most efficient, powerful and innovative LED Grow Lights to New Zealand growers at the best prices, best range, best quality and with the best service, so why go anywhere else?.

We have the stock on hand so you get your lights quicker, we stand by our warranties, no fuss or hassle, we sort issues out fast and take care of all our customers' needs well after they have purchased their lights.

Not all LEDs are created equal, watch out for cheap copies on the market in New Zealand, they will cause you no end of trouble. We are constantly improving and upgrading our lights to keep ahead, we harness state of the art technology to bring you the very best lights at the right prices.
If you need help selecting the right light for your needs you can call and talk to a real person, with real knowledge, so you can shop with confidence.
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