• Digital LCD 4 in 1 Soil Tester
      Digital 4 in 1 pH Meter Measures Soil pH / Temperature / Moisture / Sunlight Tester + Backlight + Probe. Free Shipping within New Zealand
      NZ$ 44.90 Each
    • Digital Light Intensity Meter
      Digital LCD 50,000 Lux 3 Ranges Light Meter Take the guess work out of measuring how much light your plants are getting at different heights. This is the perfect tool!. Free shipping within New Zeal...
      NZ$ 34.90 Each
    • Method Seven Operator LED Glasses
      Experience exceptional colour balancing with these proprietary lenses manufactured for Method Seven to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss Vision. These glasses are like nothing else...
      NZ$ 102.00
      New Stock has arrived!
    • Method Seven-The Cultivator LED Plus Glasses
      The Cultivator LED Plus provides the best optical quality and exceptional color balancing for LED lighting in a synthetic lens manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision for Method Seven. Lenses are polycarb...
      NZ$ 78.00
      New Stock has arrived!
    • Method Seven Classic Clip-Ons
      Method Seven "Classic LED Clip-Ons" change the way you see your plants and grow room using your own prescription glasses! Our Classic style clip-ons have high quality lenses with spring-loaded rubber ...
      NZ$ 92.00
      Unit Farm LED Grow Light Glasses are specially designed to protect your eyes and allow you to see your plants clearly in your grow room or greenhouse.
      NZ$ 89.00
      NZ$ 59.00
    • Ratchet Style Hangers for Lights (2 in Pack)
      Adjustable Ratchet Style Hangers for hanging your lights. Strong, quick and easy to install with any grow lights for any application. Max weight 68Kg
      NZ$ 19.99 Twin Pack
    • Rope Ratchet Hook Hanger Single
      Rope Ratchet Hook Hanger, strong, secure and fast locking system with a convenient hook for hanging LED Grow Lights.
      NZ$ 9.00
      Out Of Stock
    • Daisy Chain Plug and Cord
      This accessory allows the user to link two or more lights together using only one power source
      NZ$ 7.90

LED Indoor Grow Lights are: Effective and Efficient - you save up to 70% energy compared to HID/HPS indoor growing systems. They emit very low heat and are safer than other indoor growing systems. ... LED Grow Lights are the most efficient way to indoor growing and hydroponics.

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  Dear John,

The meter is fantastic! It has already paid for itself within 5 minutes of using it!
I have surveyed my gardens and lawns today and have prepared my fertiliser and chemical prep for spring using this 4 in one digital meter. Have even used it at night to check out the soil temps and day time temps as well. This means I will be able to know instantly if I can plant seedlings or temp susceptible plants as early as possible.
Given my garden size and plot variations of soil content, it is great to know where the Ph is at and this factor alone is the difference between an average garden and results, and an excellent garden and results. What I thought was happening was not correct at all. I can now add the different amounts of lime or organic matter to raise or lower the ph to maintain the best ph to suit each beds individual needs, and to maximise crop production. It will even tell me, using the water factor diagnostic, when to water using my timed reticulation system. This will save water by as much as 90% What an amazing meter!
Thanks for supplying a quality, easy to use product. I thoroughly recommend it to any other customer who may enquire about it."
Cheers Max July 2014

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